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Sketches of the week!

Some of our students have been taking part in a sketch of the week activity.  The students are given a new picture each Wednesday to sketch/ paint. Take a look at some of the incredible work our students have produced!
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Meet the staff - Stephen Roberts

Name: Stephen Roberts                      Staff role: Additional Learning Support Worker Support How long have I worked at Riverside College: 6 years Likes: S leep,   sweets and Salt and pepper   king prawns Dislikes: Dishonesty One random fact about me: It took me 5 tries to pass my driving test!

Wearing a face covering - Travelling using public transport

For those of you travelling by public transport; you will need to wear a face covering unless you have a medical reason not to. Take a look at the advice and guidance above on wearing a face covering. Do remember, you may need a face covering for travelling on the bus to college in September if advice from the government is still the same.

Work at home - Art

As well as completing some work at home that has been set by tutors; some of our students have completed some independent projects! This lovely piece of art work was created by one of our students, Emily Hislopp. Well done Emily!

Meet the staff - John Campbell

Name: John Campbell Staff role: Additional Learning Support Worker How long have I worked at Riverside College: 7 years Likes:    Sports, f ilms, m usic.  LOVE food! Dislikes:  Snakes. One random fact about me:  I used to be a student in Foundation Studies!

Socially distances Zumba!

Some of the students attending our Thursday workshop accessed socially distanced Zumba today with Hannah from the wellfit team. It was good to get moving and taking part in exercise all whilst having fun!

Meet the staff - Sarah Lawrenson

Name: Sarah Lawrenson Staff role: Additional Learning Support Worker but was previously a tutor before having a family. How long have I worked at Riverside College: Since around 2006 (a very long time!!) Likes:  Storytime with my kids.  I enjoy trying new foods but will always be happy with a good classic burger and chips.  Family days out.  Time to myself to catch up with friends. Dislikes:  The unknown.  Space.  Liquorice.  Untidiness. One random fact about me:   I helped to design and build our family home where I live with my husband and two boys.